Catholic Youth Council

What is the CYC?
For well over forty years, the CYC at Christ the King has
been an important and vibrant part of the parish
community. The CYC is open to all high school-aged
members of the parish and the surrounding area, as well
as to adults interested in working in an advisory role. The
CYC board is comprised of elected officers, class
representatives and adult advisors.

What do we do for fun?
CYC was founded primarily as a social organization, and
the current membership of over 75 young people works to
develop a safe and friendly atmosphere where they can
interact and have fun with each other and the entire
community. Sponsored activities include a religious
retreat, a winter semi-formal, a spring musical, field trips,
and a monthly CYC mass and meeting. We also field a
volleyball team and basketball team every year.

How do we give back?
In addition to the social side of the CYC, there is an
important component of service to the parish and the
community. Members volunteer at Interfaith Hospitality
and Camp Sunshine, help raise funds for various local
charities, help out at many parish functions and with the
work of other ministries.

How do we pay for it all?
To support all these efforts, the members also participate
in fundraising events such as car washes, plant sales, and
an ad-book campaign in conjunction with the Spring
Musical. These fundraisers are a combination of fun and a
learning experience for all CYC members.

Contact us with questions or to join at any time of the year:
CYC Adult Advisors-
Dick Freije (508)797-4507;
Jim Coderre (508)799-9596;

Any questions about the CYC, email to
Now is the time to join to participate in CYC activities
(annual retreat, boys basketball, CYC musical, summer  
volleyball, etc.)
Co-Presidents, seniors: Jori Hiraldo and Sean Thompson;
Vice President: Matt Thomas; Secretary: Tomas Doherty;
Treasurer: Kelsey Mansfield; Junior Co-President: Molly
White; Class Representatives: Genna Goggins, Jillian
Lang, and Molly Thompson.

Now is the time to join the CYC. All those "higher
schoolers'' interested in participating in CYC activities       
(the annual retreat, boys basketball, the CYC musical,
summer volleyball, etc.) will need to be registered with our
CYC to participate.You can send an email now to for registration and to learn about
our upcoming events.

CYC - musical audition:
Tuesday, March 6th, 7:00-9:00PM
Thursday, March 8th, 7:00-9:00PM
Sunday, March 11th, noon-4PM

CYC won the diocesan CYC basketball championship on
February 17th, 2018.